Modern World History

Modern World History
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Many of the names are familiar: Adolf Hitler, Mohandas Gandhi, Mao Ze Dong, Ronald Reagan, Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now for a deeper look into the history—and history makers—of the 20th and 21st century, join me in a comprehensive lesson on the modern world, taught in the cherished “Patriot’s History” style with a balanced perspective.

We will see the modern world as you’ve not seen it before, all through the lens of an ascending America, dominant across the globe.

A. America Ascending

           1. The War of 1812

           2. Complacent and comfortable Europe

           3. The Grand Illusion: Why war cannot come to Europe

           4. The guns of August

           5. War on the western front

           6. America drawn in

           7. The Carthaginian Peace and the seeds of World War II

B. Tumultuous Twenties

           1. Aftershock of WW I and Versailles

           2. Red Son Rising and the Soviet Empire

           3. Eugenics, American and German

           4. Colonial unrest

           5. America’s roaring 20s and Great Crash

C. Rise of the Dictators

           1. Benito Mussolini

           2. Weimar Germany comes apart

           3. Adolf Hitler

           4. Spain’s Civil War

           5. Imperial Japan seeks China

D. The World in Depression

           1. Franklin Roosevelt’s Raw Deal

           2. Europe’s appeasement

           3. Neville Chamberlain and the Fall of the Old Order

E. World War, Again

           1. The Nazi juggernaut

           2. Japan’s morass and tragic gamble.

           3. America at war: the industrial tsunami

           4. The unholy alliance: Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin

           5. Turning points

           6. The Longest Day and the recovery of Europe

           7. Surrender and tension

F. Colonial Independence

           1. New African dictators

           2. Gandhi’s Indian bloodbath

           3. Latin America’s stillborn republics

G. The World at (Cold) War

           1. Standoff in Berlin

           2. Bombs and spies

           3. Korean entanglements and the UN

           4. Dwight Eisenhower and MAD

           5. Civil Rights in America and abroad

H. Europe Reborn

           1. De Gaulle’s France

           2. Adenauer and the revived Germany

           3. Japan’s remarkable recovery

I. The Sixties and the Era of Upheaval

           1. The rise of the student (protest)

           2. Vietnam and the decline of American power

           3. The Pill: Sex, drugs and rock and roll

           4. Collapsing spirituality and the decline of churches

           5. Israel’s tenuous grasp on survival

J. America’s nadir

           1. Watergate

           2. Carter’s malaise

           3. OPEC and the oil weapon

           4. Turmoil in the Middle East

K. Ronald Reagan and the collapse of communism

           1. America’s economic comeback

           2. We win, they lose

           3. The full court press

           4. Tear Down This Wall and the rock and roll hammer

L. A “Unified” World

           1. The rise of the EU

           2. Islamofascism and the new crusades

           3. Terror strikes America

           4. Clinton’s quagmire

M. Islamic Terror Center Stage

           1. 9/11 and the End of Saddam

           2. Iraq in tatters

           3. Bubbles of a housing collapse

           4. World recession

           5. Hope and Change

           6. The Obama disaster

           7. Trade destroys middle America

N. Donald Trump and MAGA

           1. New Russia, old threats

           2. Collapse of the “new world order”

Learn about Modern History like never before. Take this guided tour by Professor Larry and learn more, and know more, than anyone else you know.